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Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2014 1:40 pm
by RedSnappa
This may be the largest simultaneous map release ever. I present a pack of 20 maps, 14 of which are conversions from the dungeon layouts of Wizard of Wor and 6 of which are my own designs.
Worrior I:
Worrior II:
Worrior III:
Worrior IV:
Worrior V:
Worrior VI:
Worrior VII:
Worrior VIII:
Worrior IX:
Worrior X:
Worrior XI:
Worrior XII:
Worrior XIII:
Worrior XIV:
Worrior XV:
Worrior XVI:
Worrior XVII:
Worrior XVIII:
Worrior XIX:
Worrior XX: