1fort KO

Final versions of Custom Map Maker maps
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1fort KO

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#cmm on QuakeNet wrote:Jun 26 13:41:33 <SevenofNine> hey custom map makers
Jun 26 13:42:29 <SevenofNine> do you guys still map for urt? i wanna discuss smt, i still wanna do some knockouts, and was wondering if you guys had ideas for maps?

1fort KO is (of course) inspired by the classic Team Fortress 2fort that goes back to the very first versions of the game. I’m trying to capture the anachronistic Quake atmosphere (old rock walls embedded with computers, torches next to neon lights), with somewhat updated visuals owing to a two iterations newer engine.

Like Tharsia KO this map too is a sawn-off version of a somewhat larger map that only exists as a sketch. The layout and sounds are pretty much done, but many textures are still temporary and I need to add a lot of detail. While you’re waiting for the first alpha PK3, feast your eyes upon these images:

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