Texture Fail

Having a problem with a shader or texture
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Re: Texture Fail

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DagF wrote:I think thise elements should be included in the shader:
http://q3map2.everyonelookbusy.net/shad ... #nomipmaps
http://q3map2.everyonelookbusy.net/shad ... m#nopicmip
They will prevent that the image get blured.

No, these won't help.

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Re: Texture Fail

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Not for the scale problem.
But it would prevent the image from bluring i think?

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Re: Texture Fail

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Ah, well someone here in Australia has your name also :P

Goodluck with your map. Please make sure gameplay is efficient.

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Re: Texture Fail

Post by Cyan »

Ok Guys i solved the Problem.
The cause was the q3maptoolz program.
I just made the BSP file direct in gtkradiant

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