Shader only works sometimes

Having a problem with a shader or texture
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Shader only works sometimes

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This shader:

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   qer_editorimage textures/cerulean_alpha13/flame1.tga
   qer_trans 0.5
   q3map_surfacelight 512
   surfaceparm noimpact
   surfaceparm nolightmap
   surfaceparm nomarks
   surfaceparm nonsolid
   surfaceparm trans
   cull none
      animMap 16 textures/cerulean_alpha13/flame1.tga textures/cerulean_alpha13/flame2.tga textures/cerulean_alpha13/flame3.tga textures/cerulean_alpha13/flame4.tga textures/cerulean_alpha13/flame5.tga textures/cerulean_alpha13/flame6.tga textures/cerulean_alpha13/flame7.tga textures/cerulean_alpha13/flame8.tga
      rgbGen identity

gives me a nice animated flame if I do a bsp compile, but when I compile the vis and light phases, it stops working and gives me a static picture of a fire. What is going on and how do I fix it?

All images are .tga files with alpha channels.
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Re: Shader only works sometimes

Post by DagF »

Do you get any errors while compiling?

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