Entities not showing up

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Entities not showing up

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Hello Guys,...

(first of all: if i am posting here in the wrong section mod or admin, feel free to move.)

...i got the Problem, that some type of entities i create in MacRadiant 1.4 are existing in game, but are invisible. As far as i tested it affects:

-->brushes with func_breakable, f.e. Windows - i create and texture a brush, add func_breakable (with health options and so on)...compile my map and in game the func_breakable-entity is invisible, you walk against an invisible wall. if you shoot it breaks (invisible, noise- and shardless) and you can go....

--->weapon entities - i put one in my map, but in game you dont see them. but if you walk over one you pick it up....if you drop your weapon it lies invisible around...but can be repicked up too...

But it is even stranger:

When i started creating my map months ago i was using a really cool and extensive "urbanterror.def"-file from Kronik's Mapping Package (https://www.urbanterror.info/forums/top ... g-package/).

So in my map are good-working func_breakable-entities and weapon-entities too, they are visible in game, they work like they should. Created weeks ago.

a few days ago i destroyed my Q3 and UrT-installation by accident, so i reinstalled - lucky that i saved a copy of my map somewhere else.
after the reinstallation i worked with another .def-file (forgot which was the one i used, so searched in web for another one). and a few days ago the described Problem was there... i changed back to Kronik's .def-files, when i remembered it yesterday... but nothing changed.

So i got working entities in my map but i am not able to create working new ones - i can not clone the working func_breakable entities either...

i dont know which other types of entities are affected...

anybody got a clue? is this a path-problem? or a Compiler-Problem (i use q3map2gui)? or should i look over the entities, like described in here?:

Help me, please...

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