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[Tutorial] Light Style

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[Tutorial] Light Style

Postby xandaxs » Wed Aug 17, 2011 7:09 pm

[quote=DagF]Information given here is partly out of my knowlegde. So there may be incorrect information.

Making the effect of a flickering light is only partly atchived with a animap shader.
The light texture might change but the textures around are not afected and it's looking odd if there are textures nearby that should be affected by a flickering light but ain't.

I will give a short introduction on how to get it working.

1. Start by selcting any brush that is a part of your worldspawn.
2. add the folowing key "_style1alphaGen" with the value "wave sin .5 .3 .25 1.5" (without the ")
3. add the folowing key "_style1rgbGen" with the value "wave noise 0.5 1 0 5.37" (without the ")
4. edit the values to the value you want
5. Add a light and enter the key _ "style" with the value "1" (without the ")

Compile and it should work.

It is possible to add more light styles. just enter the _style with another number and and the number as the style value.

Remember this is killing the fps and therefore there are few maps using it. The maps using it has blocked of the flickering light are so it's not drawen with loades of other brushes.

Delirium posted a test map you should have a look at here: http://forums.urbanterror.info/topic/22 ... _p__270765

The q3map2 will generate lightmaps and a shaderfile for the light style. The lightstyle shader that is generated should not be changed.

This is one of the topic talking a bit about it: http://forums.urbanterror.info/topic/22 ... ng-lights/

I had a few problems with the light style as i was using only shader lights. I do not know why this happend but what i have written abowe works just fine for me now. So if it's working ignore my post in that topic.

Sorry for any misspellings and for the bad grammar.
Do correct me if i have written anything incorrect.[/quote]
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