Cylinder question

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Cylinder question

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Upon doing some math, I have discovered something about the way Radiant creates cylinders. If the points are arranged in a square and the size of the cylinder is such that Radiant will make a 16-prism to approximate a cylinder, the angles at which edges of the cylinder are generated are 0-25-45-65-90-115-135-155-180-205-225-245-270-295-315-335. I would think it should be 0-22.5-45-67.5-90-112.5-135-157.5-180-202.5-225-247.5-270-292.5-315-337.5 instead. Is this something I can fix by modding Radiant?
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Re: Cylinder question

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Yes you can.
But it doesn't matter AT ALL since the engine/compiler still do it differently.
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Re: Cylinder question

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LOL? Radiant just pooped on his pants

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