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Post by RedSnappa »

Has anyone tried the idea of making a large world, something too large to be a single map, and then cutting it in different places to get many different maps out of it?
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Re: Meta-mapping

Post by johnnyenglish »

I had an idea to make 5 or 7 small TDM maps which "join" by either winning or loosing the round, so:

Teams start on map 3 (of 5) and if red win, a server bot changes the map to map 2 (of 5), if the blue win the map advances to map 4 (of 5). All maps would use the same textures / shaders but be packed individually.

I decided it was a boring idea and never persued it.

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Re: Meta-mapping

Post by vulture »

My map is too big for the UrT engine and needs to be cut down, does that count? :(

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Re: Meta-mapping

Post by Biddle »

That resembles a lot to Asche and Holblin's assault mode Johny, even though the spirit is a bit diferent the concrete idea is pretty similar :)

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