Automating creating textures and effects using ImageMagick

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Automating creating textures and effects using ImageMagick

Post by johnnyenglish »

Here's a little tool thats been around a long time and quite popular in situations where images need to be created using scripts (captchas, etc). It's also excellent as a tool for mappers.

It's command line only, versions for windows, linux and mac and comes with a set of utilities.

The most common utility is called convert, it can be used to convert image types, resize, crop, create images and a lot more.

Creating images using imagemagick

For a full list of all the capabilities see Imagemagick use

I use Imagemagick tools quite often, I always strip out exif and ipct information from all images (even my camera writes this information to images) and this information can sometimes bloat images. I can strip this out using a single like

mogrify -strip *.jpg

I use the utility to resize all my images (using a script) so I always have power of 2 images.

Once you start reading into the capabilities of this tool you'll find a great many ways to use it.

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Re: Automating creating textures and effects using ImageMagi

Post by xandaxs »

Looks nice and useful...
I'll try it
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