Music in the map

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Music in the map

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I'm working on a map with tornadoes in the background, and it could be nice if I could add a wind sound to the map, so u really feel like being there.
I've searched for it, but I always find topics about missing sounds etc.
Therefore I ask u pros. How to add a sound/music over all the map? ANd how to do so it continues until the map ends? If u don't believe in me, or don't understand what I mean, then try out terrorism1-7. In these maps there are sounds from the war all the time. How to set a sound over all the map on my map?
Please help me.

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Re: Music in the map

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Re: Music in the map

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You need those sounds I have such sounds in my level?

Contact me on our ts3 server


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Re: Music in the map

Post by RedSnappa »

1. Put a target_speaker in your map.
2. Check the "looped_on" and "global" spawnflags.
3. Set the "noise" key to the value of the filepath/name of the file to play. It must be a .wav file with mono sound.
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Re: Music in the map

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