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Re: FTW map competition stuff

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well I just dreamed of a new cpu & hdd...
and then I opened my eyes and realized that I am too bad but yeah, It kinda sux because with the ftw mapping competition I have lost some good criticism and I hope that the map won't get buried on my hdd somewhere.
I never expect to win, I never won one single contest or Giveaway or sorta stuff - sux but I am a very unlucky person with 1 talent - standing up again.

I think I am sticking to my other plan on getting feedback by good players and such. But Thanks for the Beta Comp.
You're doing great work over there at ftwgl guys. I hope I do not quit mapping some day and am then sorry if I could have a big chance some day. But all I try goes fail, and that's frustrating.
Whatever, have a nice Day.

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Re: FTW map competition stuff

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It's not a fail if you keep trying :)

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