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Re: Horse A-F

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maps make me raaaage


Re: Horse A-F

Post by MajkiFajki »

Horse is epic. Boxed maps, terrible textures, no such thing as layout - yet his maps are very popular :D


Re: Horse A-F

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Re: Horse A-F

Post by RageQuit »

Sorry for such a massive bump, But I'm going to have to disagree and maybe start a conversation. The Server I frequent has many horse maps in the cycle, while he has made a couple that weren't all that good, I always enjoy them. Granted, I have only played his maps in CTF, but I don't see how you can say there is no real layout.

From what I have gathered, most of his maps seem designed for CTF (probably with team kills off for the smaller maps like cemetery666 and guerrilla.) I'm guessing the maps were made to be played on Ruds, and the game play there is more chaotic than a lot of servers may usually get. In that respect though most of them stick to the "three paths" format, but it is done in a way that conceals them in a sense, so instead of having three straight lines (an example would be casa) with some hallways or something, you have interconnected routes that feel more organic.

I don't mean this to come off shitty, but I really was surprised by how much you guys had bad things to say about the maps. I can see why the more cramped maps might not considered that great for normal urt play, but maps like terrorism 7, Blitzkrieg 1 and 2, and granja fit pretty well with the typical gameplay style. As far as "proper play" is concerned though, if you are making maps, you don't necessarily want to cater to the smallish number of people who have been playing for years and have more tact to their gameplay. You could make a fantastic map, but if it only gets played by people who play "properly", than you won't get as much exposure, because urt is full of noobs.

As for bad texturing, they do all tend to have a grunge look to them but hell, you can't knock someone for style. The amount of detail alone is enough to justify him sticking to familiar ground, His newer map is mind boggling with how many little details it has, be it in brushwork or models. And while the amount of detail he uses, combined with his obvious disregard for vis, can cause lag, I run a shitty home built pc with an on board graphics card, and I NEVER get noticable fps drops on his maps, and that's with 20+ people playing and smoke nades flying all over. If you want to see a really busy map, not to mention a complete lack of flow, play something by spazz or kitty. Spazz maps are playable, but every kitty maps I have played literally makes me dizzy. They are increadibly made maps, but they so confusing they are unplayable.

Lastly, I think you guys are overlooking the impact he has had on the game. With so many other absolute shit maps out there, it seems like splitting hairs to say his maps are terrible just because they don't follow typical urt map design, if everyone made pretty, perfectly smooth maps that all followed the same principles, there would be no point in custom maps at all, because the default maps have that pretty well covered, and everything else would just be imitating.

Anyways, like I said, not trying to start a flame war, and I know this is only like my 5th post, but I love a good debate.

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Re: Horse A-F

Post by johnnyenglish »

Well, there are almost 100 mappers on this forum and I suspect that means there are 100 different opinions.

Personally, I agree with pretty much everything you've said, he's made some playable and enjoyable maps - some of which are very popular.

I suspect there's a degree of envy in the haters and I also suspect that technically speaking some of his maps aren't the best for larger servers but I'm a fan of his work and I hope he keeps making maps.

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Re: Horse A-F

Post by xandaxs »

I do not agree when you say his maps have a layout, unless you consider a squared terrain or 4 straight lines a layout..
That's basically his maps...

He has good texturing skills though..
Sometimes he fucks it up to make something funny though, like the animap on the ground of blitzkrieg2
[12:25] <JohnnyEnglish> morning Nounou
[12:25] <JohnnyEnglish> wotcha doing?
[12:25] <Nounou> hello
[12:26] <Nounou> nothing much, i've nothing to do at work so
[12:26] <Nounou> modeling woman
[12:26] <JohnnyEnglish> woo
[12:26] <JohnnyEnglish> real women?
[12:26] <Nounou> realistic yes, on maya


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Re: Horse A-F

Post by banksy »

blitzkrieg is fun to play on, but needs so work in some areas

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