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Introduction Video to Mapping - Not a Tutorial

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:47 pm
by GuachSauron
Hello, I would like to share with you this video about mapping, maked by Hass Wk7.

He speak in spanish, so i will write in english below the video what he say.

00:10 Good afternoon, in this presentation we will see how to apply the concept of three-dimensional construction that we are learning in class, in a 3d program. These programs have made ​​it through the application of the traditional perspective on paper applied to software that allows us to design environments and objects in three-dimensions on our computer.

01:35 The program enables us to work in this case, is a program that works both with four views as you can see, the ground, the elevation, profile and a view in three dimensions, to view what we are doing. The process begins with simple geometric shapes to play with, that attached to each other, and apply textures, will give us the desired result. Is very important to work with four views, because apparently you can be an inline object, yet they are not. We realize that it is more advanced a few millimeters from the other. It is essential to handle the four views at once.

02:25 Here is a simple practical example to understand this, for example a square. We will draw a cube plane, which is the ground, whith geometric figures we will be making the perimeter, with buildings and walls, a simple thing.

03:00 Now let's see how the texture is applied, which is what gives reality to this environment. The textures we have stored in the program library. They are real photographs of objects, walls, etc. we go to apply to geometric figures that we have done. We have grass, a stone, a brick wall, this will be a building. Another brick wall different, and this is the end result.

03:34 And now comes the third phase, which is what gives it the touch. It is very simple, put the environment in a cube , to give a landscape. Now we see how we apply a scooter, a lamp, palm trees .. all the details that will make our map copper reality.

03:55 text This example is very simple in order to capture the 3D programs work like this. Now we see all these applications on a map currently in online game ...

06:44 text We must not forget that these programs do not work alone, without our creativity and imagination all this would not be, and above all, that the principle of all design begins on paper and pencil ...

07:32 All starts with a pencil and paper, because for those who live in this work, it is unthinkable that a program will make a building alone. You like doing your sketches, those little corners, little details, and then try to pass it to the program. Obviously there are circumstances that are given, and this sketch is affected, but the base is the same.

08:24 Small town is a small dream come true. Because for a person who is a player of online games, and it's creative designer, to be a day to see people playing in your creation, the truth is that makes your hair a little tip.

08:54 text The recreation of 3D objects and environments has several professional applications, from jobs to real estate agencies, architectural firms or companies of reforms to the field of design in creating three-dimensional objects and production of different types of videogames.

09:07 text Small town is a city to interact with other players, but here not interact with neighbors or going to buy bread, no, here interacts in a different way ... better i will show you...

Re: Video about mapping

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:40 pm
by xandaxs
this video shows nothing about mapping.
nothing at all...

1st - He should teach people to use caulk and not just texture objects.
2nd- Skyboxes are not "boxes"
3rd- Why did he add light entities near the sky?
4th- Did he hint a bed? Like, made brushes all around it and textured them with hint?

He's only introducing people to a program like Radiant. But there's no need to make all so complicated drawings about the map. Just have an idea of what you're doing, and draw a layout. No need ot draw archways and every single part of the map on a paper. He is simply scaring people making it look like its hard, or just showing off.

This video should be named: "What program do you use when mapping for Urban Terror and what are the basic things it can do", because mostly that is what he is saying.

Re: Introduction Video to Mapping - Not a Tutorial

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:18 am
by GuachSauron
I have changed the title to make it look clearer.

Re: Introduction Video to Mapping - Not a Tutorial

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 6:38 am
by johnnyenglish
As its not a tutorial, I enjoyed the video, he made mapping look enjoyable and easy, something that an artist rather than a nerd could do - anything that attracts more talent is a good thing.

I've also enjoyed playing that map on guach server - its fun.

Re: Introduction Video to Mapping - Not a Tutorial

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 7:04 am
by xandaxs
I've played on it before.
It is rather good yeah.

Not the kind of playability I like (roof access, etc) but it is nice!
And his drawings were pretty good