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q3map2 and its settings, compile em all for preview

Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2013 4:07 am
by ailmanki
Hello guys I am back at mapping.
I had the idea to create a website where a the compile switches of q3map2 can be previewd with several testmaps. Similar to photoshop with its filters, where you can choose a value and it previews it. Just that in this case the preview is pre-calculated.

I am still thinking about how to accomplish this. I have a server I can use for compiling, unfortunately it has no gfx card, so it won't be able to take screenshots.
I will need a bash script running q3map2 with almost all possible combinations. There are many switches which have huge range of values, those will be limited to reasonable ranges.
Then I will need testmaps, and thats why I post here. I have a more or less an idea of a testmap. It should include all features q3map2 can process.
And while writing this, I thought there should also be several versions of the same testmap, with different sky and light intensity.

Lastly for the screenshots, probably I will use a trickjump mod which lets me teleport, this way I could take more then on screenshots of the map automatically.

Once this facility is in place, it should be possible to upload any map, and get a previews for it. Thats why I am thinking about switching to a server which has a gfx card... Or I wonder if the mesa driver can produce results on a sever with a monitor.. hrm.. no clue.

Re: q3map2 and its settings, compile em all for preview

Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2013 6:14 am
by DagF
I really like this idea :D

You will be the only one able to uploade maps for preview right?

Re: q3map2 and its settings, compile em all for preview

Posted: Sat Apr 20, 2013 8:54 am
by ailmanki
I fear someone might upload malicious code, so until I know its secure, those things will all pass though my hands - yes.
Also it needs the assests and all, which could again contain more crap...

Re: q3map2 and its settings, compile em all for preview

Posted: Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:29 pm
by DagF
Thats one thing yeah.
Some maps can take hours to compile for just one setting.
Dooing 400 different compilings that takes many hours each would make sure you got a loot out of your server money but i guess that is not desirable?

Re: q3map2 and its settings, compile em all for preview

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 12:40 pm
by ailmanki
Its not about getting the most out of the server :) , its just a good thing I can use it for that, don't have to worry about letting my pc run for days. I thought long time if I should buy a workstation to work on. But I decided to keep my laptop, and rent a server running Vmware esxi :). Costs much less then buying a workstation every 2 years :D, and is more flexible. I only wished my connection would be faster. But for compiling stuff, testing some software, testing a OS... wonderfull stuff :)

There will be many more compiles then 400. I really want a preview of all the possible settings. There are also multiple versions of q3map2, so that should be included too.
I guess I should start it simple - with one map only. And once I got it all in place, I can add multiple versions of the same map, with some features adjustable. Like a light source - its strength and light, maybe even position - but not sure if that is worth the compile time. And skylight shaders - its position and again many options.

Yeah that will be definitely more then 400 compiles :) , but it should be worth it. What I wonder is, if I can find some way to compress the many screenshots, since most of them will have only nuances of differences - and its just those we are interested in. Maybe have to sort out images which are to similar.. maybe reduce that way the range which can be selected.
Else maybe I will have to make it as a download instead of online. 1000 screenhots x 500kb.. lol... And there will be more then 1000 images - much more.

I thought about the uploading of maps. I think it should be possible to validate the *map and *shader file with a regex expression. And the images, models can be checked by a antivirus and some tool checking what kind of file it is.

Thinking of the screenshots, what a pita - huge amount of data. Cause I will have to compile the map for several games I just discovered.
:S I should keep it simple, start with the game I know and make a proof of concept. Then it will be more motivating to build upon.