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Welcome to Custom Map Makers

Welcome to the Custom Map Makers forum. We encourage new members to post a short note about themselves.
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Welcome to Custom Map Makers

Postby administrator » Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:49 pm

Welcome to the new Custom Map Makers forum.

This forum was created to be a meeting place for those interested in making maps for the popular first person shooter, Urban Terror. The original idea and effort came from rayne and the torch has been passed on to others, we do our best to keep the original vision alive.

The forum should be considered a place to enjoy your mapping, to find out more about mapping and to help others improve their mapping.

An atmosphere of friendly support is encouraged, snide and pointless criticism is very much discouraged. This site has been created and is run for the benefit of those wishing to create custom maps for Urban Terror, no other reason.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to either post them in the suggestions forum or contact one of the administrators of this site using the Personal Message system.

New User? Say hi

The very first thing you should do is post a short note about yourself.

Create a new topic in this forum, use your registered username as the topic title and tell us a little about yourself.

You can add a few words about how long you've been mapping and what else you'd like to learn. We're a friendly bunch here, some have been mapping for many years, some for a few days.


Custom Map Makers have a lively irc channel where you'll find some very clever people willing to give you in depth and more detailed answers to your questions, so join us at Quakenet, channel #cmm. If you're not familiar with irc, please read the wiki topic WIKI IRC

User groups

The CMM forum supports several user groups, for example : mappers, jumpers, artists, map testers, etc. You may add yourself to any number of these groups, some groups have their own forums.

It's your forum

We'd prefer you to enjoy using this forum, we have an active community of people interested in making maps for Urban Terror. If you feel you can contribute to the forum or wiki, please do not hesitate to contact one of the admins.

If you feel unhappy about a topic, please use the topic icon to report the topic to a moderator.

The forum has been established with no single "leader", we try to run things democratically for the benefit of every member. We do not require monetary contributions and we do not carry advertisements.

We ask that you treat all other members with respect and enjoy your time here.

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