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Postby GanjaGuy » Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:08 pm

Well yea, I have already spoke to a few different people on irc but i figured why not officially introduce myself to all of you. My usual gaming name is |ALPHA|GanjaGuy although i do use eulogy on occasions. I have been mapping since '08 however i took a 1 1/2-2 year break when my macbook became to rundown to really map effectively and without frustration. After talking with some of the fsk members I had the mapping spark re-ignited and I went ahead and finally got things up and running on my new rig. I since updated (2x's) my only publicly released map ut4_Squidrena, changing it to ut4_SuperSquidrena and then ut4_SuperSquidrena_mg (mg version included battleship and tic tac toe mini games). I have several map projects that are in different stages of completion, I also have a few new ones Ive been working with. I tend to find it very difficult to stick to one map or project at a time and tend to get off course playing with new ideas and such. I have done some texture work and have recently been playing with bumpy a bit. I have also just started trying to wrap my mind around modeling although that is more out of necessity then desire I guess and is moving slower then I would like but yea.. Long story short I finally decided to register here after being a stalker for info for a while, in the time I spent afk from mapping I continued reading tuts and articles so to not fall far behind and have to relearn everything all over again. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and have a very good eye for finding random mistakes/bugs in regards to testing alpha/beta and even release versions of maps, so if anyone is ever looking for an extra pair of eyes/ears or just opinions feel free to hit me up. I plan on getting some real maps out considering squid is what I like to refer to as a "sandbox" map or what I guess most would call a "fun" map. I look forward to making some new mapping buddies. Anyway, long post well.. long.. Thats me in less then 200 words (i think) catch you all around.

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