Hello guys

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Hello guys

Post by Reloaded »

hi guys
i am reloaded aka 5shoTs and ThugStyle i love urt and i like jumping.. but i am sooo noob in jumping i waste hours and hours to learn few jumps. you guys have good art of mapping and i wana learn some of that. :) :)

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Re: Hello guys

Post by DagF »

Hey Reloaded!
Welcome :)

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Re: Hello guys

Post by banksy »

Have a look around on the wiki to get an idea of how mapping is done :D

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Re: Hello guys

Post by pickles »

Hello there :D

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Re: Hello guys

Post by gsigms »

hi reloaded, welcome aboard :)

best way to go is to come to our irc, you ll get plenty help there.

if you like jumping and mapping you should really dive in, there have not been much good quality beginner jump maps in a very long time.
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