Heeeeey yoa

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Heeeeey yoa

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Hey, i am nemNEMnem, i am 16 years old and come from Germany.
I am a Knifer, Mapper, Maptester, WikiContributer and a Reggae-Freak, how u can see :D . I play since 2 years UrT and started mapping a Year ago. I am in the clan +GER+ and love it there.

mfg nemNEMnem
PS: sry for my english :oops:
for a big tree, you need a small axe.
--Bob Marley--

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Re: Heeeeey yoa

Post by gsigms »

welcome :D
nemNEMnem wrote:yeah, not like ur avatar, gsigms, i find ur ones is difficult to masturbate, too. :D :D :D :D

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Re: Heeeeey yoa

Post by xandaxs »

Hey there nemNEMnem :D
[12:25] <JohnnyEnglish> morning Nounou
[12:25] <JohnnyEnglish> wotcha doing?
[12:25] <Nounou> hello
[12:26] <Nounou> nothing much, i've nothing to do at work so
[12:26] <Nounou> modeling woman
[12:26] <JohnnyEnglish> woo
[12:26] <JohnnyEnglish> real women?
[12:26] <Nounou> realistic yes, on maya



Re: Heeeeey yoa

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