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Post by skuzzzz »

Please forgive me for not posting here firstly! It slipped my mind to introduce myself. Hello there everyone, my name is Matthew, my in game name is skuzzY. I am an older school mapper and used to create levels for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Unfortunately the franchise and community have been dead for quite some time now, and recently I have decided to get back into one of my many passions. Level design!

I recently joined the Urban Terror forums and I'm excited to be posting my work on both forums :)
I should have some screens of an Alpha build from my project very soon, I can't wait to get feedback.

Happy summer everyone

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Re: Hello!

Post by johnnyenglish »

Hello skuzzzz, nice to see you here, if you want to drop by our irc channel and say hi, you'd be welcome.

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Re: Hello!

Post by DagF »

Hey skuzzzz :)

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Re: Hello!

Post by ValkoVer »

Hi, show some screenshots of your rtcw maps

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Re: Hello!

Post by Biddle »

Yo skuzzzz ;)

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