The Skeet Shoot 2011 map

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The Skeet Shoot 2011 map

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The skeet shoot 2011 map

Created by Custom Map Makers for UrbanZone.

The map was built in just over a week in total secrecy. Only members of the MTC team and Custom Map Makers members were involved in the construction and testing.

It was a great pleasure to work with sevenofnine and the UrbanZone crew, the requirement to design and build such a "technically interesting" map in little over a week was rather daunting at first but we believe that we've created a very challenging tournament map with a touch of class.

We'd like to thank everyone who helped make this map happen, it was a lot of work but great fun - lets do it again.

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Running the skeet shoot 2011 map

The skeet shoot map uses bots as skeet, if you wish to run a server using bots you should follow the steps below

    Back up your current server.cfg - this is very important as the skeet map comes with a pre-configured server.cfg
    Stop your server, you'll need access to the q3ut4 folder (where your maps are stored)
    Open the ut4_skeetshoot_2011.pk3 file - inside you'll find a file called
    Extract the contents of to your server q3ut4 folder - you backed up your server.cfg right?
    Edit the new server.cfg. You should change the following before starting the server.
      sv_dlURL - Change this to your usual map download url
      sv_maxclients - Change to suit your server, 20 is plenty
      rconpassword Change this to your own rcon password
      sv_privatePassword - You can set this blank or reserve 2 private slots
      g_password - Leave this blank to allow anyone to connect and play
    Check that all other settings suit your needs and save these edits
    Start your server - confirm that bots are playing on the red team and you can join

If you wish to add more bots you can either edit the skeetbots.txt script or add them manually.


Occasionally the server may crash, if this happens frequently see the Custom Map Makers wiki for possible solutions.

If you're interested in this map and it's construction we've created a wiki article "making a skeet shoot map" in the Custom Map Makers Wiki.

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Re: The Skeet Shoot 2011 map

Post by Drezil »

very impressive what you made out of such a simple map.

Great work!

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