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My site was haced 13/14 oct

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My site was haced 13/14 oct

Postby DagF » Sun Oct 16, 2011 9:09 pm


I just want to drop a quick notice here telling you that my site( dagfro.de ) was hacked sometime friday the 14th of october 2011. I dident notice before today.

The site was deleted and replaced with a blank page that where running java.
So if you entered my site and came to a completely blank page and where asked if you wanted to run the javascript you might have gotten whatever the guy who hacked my site uploaded there
(All i know is that it where one html.index, one js file and one .jar file located in my websites root folder when i opened it today).

So if you wisited my site( dagfro.de ) this weekend and came to a blank page asking if it could run java, I'm really sorry and I will do the only thing i can: advice you to run a virus scan.

I am really sorry. I have deleted the page and relocated it on another server. And I am going to code my site in plain html.

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