Breather buddy bug

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Breather buddy bug

Post by RedSnappa »

Does anyone know if the "breather buddy" bug is still in the game? (For those who are unaware, it used to be possible for two teammates to stay underwater indefinitely by healing each other. This would restore their health faster than they would take damage from drowning. I call it a bug because this is clearly not realistic.)

If so, this could be exploited by a map designer to make certain areas accessible only to those who know about the bug and think to use it to explore underwater where they couldn't go on their own.
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Re: Breather buddy bug

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Yes, it still works in 4.2.018, see the attached demo.
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Re: Breather buddy bug

Post by Biddle »

Thank god it works, thats how you win hide and seek events on several maps :P

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