Need new forum sections

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Need new forum sections

Post by RedSnappa »

Map releases:
Release Candidates - Release Candidate versions of your map

Tips, tricks and general mapping support:
Lighting - Having a problem with lighting
Bot Support - For all issues related to AAS files and bot support
Blender - For all topics related to using or installing blender

I would perhaps add a sticky about making levelshots (loading screens), but I think this is covered well enough on the main Urban Terror site.
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Re: Need new forum sections

Post by Rylius »

I don't agree with Blender, we're a mapping community, not a modelling tool support forum. We do have a Wiki section with a couple of Blender articles though. We also happen to have a modelling section.

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Re: Need new forum sections

Post by Rayne »

First of all there is a "final" section under map releases, to create yet another section with exactly the same purpose is a waste of time.
Problems with lighting...hmmm. If you use entities things are pretty much straight forward, if you use light emitting shaders then there a section for that already exists.
Bot support, since bots aren't supported fully by the game, dedicating an entire section to something that was discussed on UrT forum so many times in so many topics is yet another waste of time.
Will bots be included in next release of UrT is still uncertain, but what we do know for sure is that FS team will not work on improving them.
If i add a section dedicated to blender then i have to add a section dedicated to every other piece of 3D modeling software.
Besides why would you even want to use blender when you can use a proper modeling software like max for free.

And last. A sticky on how to make a level shot? OK i will be blunt, if you managed to build and entire map and you don't know how to make a level shot just by looking at the level shots from the official map pack then i don't want to even hear about your map let alone play it.

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Re: Need new forum sections

Post by johnnyenglish »

As Rylius pointed out, those are topics for the Wiki which is the repository for our knowledge, there's not a massive amount there yet but give it a couple of years.

If you feel you can contribute to the wiki, feel free to let us know and you'll be added to the list of wiki editors.

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