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My heart just skipped a beat

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Re: My heart just skipped a beat

Postby banksy » Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:37 am

RaideR. Holding all of CMM responsible is very false indeed. You are inquiring that the entire team here had something to do with the death of the relationship between the two communities. In fact it seems that you are palming the responsibility of the relationship entirely lon us, when it really takes two to tango so to speak. You say that we do not follow your direction. We? You say we as a whole do not follow FS direction. I for one 'do' follow your direction, and I believe the majority of the members here do as well. You can't say that we don't follow you direction because of one incident we don't believe in. Do you lose belief in you country because of one bad decision? FS and UrT are reaching new heights, and it is great to see and most people are happy to see that.

Multiple members of our community have obviously had some bad instances with Majki, and have a good overview of the situation and hence don't agree with FS decision. Yes, he is a nice guy, yes he can make maps, but is he up to par with the other mappers of FS, I think not. I still respect your decision, and I think you should also respect ours.

Now I personally (Possibly the rest of CMM) would love to have a joint community with FS. I mean, if you gave us the chance to all work together and produce one amazing map for UrT by some of our very talented mappers, what is there to lose? Why does it have to be an FS mapper who creates the official maps. We are a community of mappers who are eager and keen to map for UrT, and I think we would much rather work on official maps rather than 3rd party. And with HD needed new and updated maps, I think FS could really need the help. I mean, if you let us, we could make an map, and before it goes official the FS staff can check over it and play it before release to see if it's up to par.
I'm just saying, FS needs to give communities like us a chance rather than making unnecessary conclusions.

This situation has gotten out of hand, and in some sense I am also one to blame, but our frustration comes from the fact that FS "sometimes" doesn't make an effort, and I guess the same goes for us. FS has actually been of some help to me (Well I won't say FS, I'll just say 'Skaz') allowing me to finish my research project by answering some questions very in depth.

We do have a mutual respect RaideR, and we do make an effort, it'd just be nice if FS did the same. If you really wanted this to work, FS would have make contact with us before this whole incident.

Much Love <3

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